Fabrizio Benatti

I know it looks like I’m repeating myself, but this one is the best e-cig liquid there is. No doubts!

2 days ago

I keep buying this brand and this flavour because they’re my absolute favourite! Highly recommend

about 1 month ago

By far my fav flavour! Highly recommended

2 months ago

Best flavour ever! Highly recommended

4 months ago

My favourite flavour for vaping. I definitely recommend it

5 months ago

I cannot recommend enough this flavour! The best one for e-cigarettes

6 months ago

I’m buying this flavour again and again... can’t help it! It’s simply the best one

7 months ago

Best flavour by far! This is the only one I buy

8 months ago

My must have when it comes to vaping juice. I tried a lot of different ones, but this one is the one I always come back to! Highly recommended

9 months ago

Best flavour ever! I’m gonna buy more of it

9 months ago