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B&L Tobacco E-Liquid Flavour

B&L tobacco eliquid is amongst the best selling vape juice ever here at Vapeandjuice.com. B&L vape juice resembles a close match to original cigarettes, and for this reason, remains a highly popular and regularly bought and tasted tobacco vape juice. 

B and L Specifications?

Vape & Juice Choice - The classic B&L tobacco flavoured E-Juice. Available in a tobacco strength of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg,

Who is this B and L flavour for?

This is an ideal flavour to vape if you have just come off traditional cigarettes. Similar to a tailormade smoke. As it is higher PG, it is a little runnier than most of the zero nicotine, or big bottle vapes on the market. This means its not as suited for large tank devices with big coils and high wattage. B&L tobacco eliquid is more suited for what we at V&J call, the MTL - Mouth to Lung starter vape kits, that have a thinner mouth piece. 

As a great starter liquid and one we regularly recommend if you are new to vaping, B&L tobacco eliquid is a great choice for those starter vapers and one many experienced vapers still come back to. A warm, smooth, slightly nutty taste, makes the B&L tobacco eliquid, neither too sweet, nor too bland. 

Nicotine strength calculator:

  • 1-5 cigarettes a day : 6mg
  • 6-10 cigarettes a day : 12mg
  • 11-15 cigarettes a day : 18mg

While this may vary depending on the type of cigarettes you smoke, you can always drop down a nicotine strength next time, so we advise going for a stronger liquid first time around, so you find that the ecig craves your nicotine demands and allows you to understand the replacement factor that vaping can truly offer. 

Tobacco B and L e-liquid

Owner: Glen Waters
Company: Vape & Juice

Good product, good price and as always, great service from my favourite online shop. 5 stars

over 1 year ago

Usual high quality and fast delivery

over 1 year ago

Excellent service and great quality

over 1 year ago

Got a substitute instead, didn't mind but took a long time to arrive.

over 1 year ago

Excellent company. Very good prices, prompt free delivery and very good customer service. Thank you!

over 1 year ago

Wow great stuff

over 1 year ago

Great company thank you

over 1 year ago

One of a few tobacco flavours available at vape and juice. I’ve tried them all and they’re all good but this one is my favourite. Service, prices and quality products keep me coming back.

over 1 year ago

Gotta be good juice cos I keep coming back for more!!! Its smooth with no after taste.

over 1 year ago

Brilliant company

over 1 year ago