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When I had a problem accessing my account because of a forgotten password I found vithium to be amazingly prompt and efficient in dealing with my difficulties. Thank you


I'm grateful to Alex and Virthium for providing such a great way to get feedback from my clients. It's always been such a struggle to get people to leave reviews. With feedback rebates, it's so easy!


I like how easy it is to use feedback rebates and get our clients to write reviews. Our dance instructors and their students love it! We've just started using Virthium, but I think it's a great idea and we're super excited about the possibilities here.

What you can do as a member...

Offer Feedback Rebates instead of discounts.

Feedback Rebate is a sure and honest way to get customers to share their experiences and leave reviews. Your Ad or discount may get you a sale, but your Feedback Rebate will start a whole new relationship with your customer.

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Invite your Team to be the “cast members” of your product.

You are more than your brand.

Let your customers know who the people behind the scenes are and what they do. We all deserve to know who makes our products and how our own work affects others.

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Once I sign up, what happens next? How do I get started?

  1. Create a listing for your product or service.

  2. Invite your employees and other contributors.

  3. Replace your "On Sale" sign with a "Feedback Rebate"!

Sit back and enjoy more sales, more reviews, and a more engaged team.

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It's free to create a listing. We ask for your credit card here, so you can send Feedback Rebates automatically and safely to your customers once they write a review. We charge a small fee to process these transactions.

Shop smart! Buy from those who value your feedback, not just your money.

Feedback Rebates guarantee quality and fair reputation. That's why only the best products and services can offer them successfully.

We haven't officially released the "Search" yet but decided to give you a chance to see the listings anyway. Enjoy!

virthium - the reputation network

We and members of our community take a revolutionary approach to online reputation by offering feedback rebates to earn fair and honest reviews. We believe reviews are essential and should be used not only to promote brands but also to recognize and engage employees. Join us to see what our members have to offer, or to list your own product or service.

Read more about us

Virthium is a reputation network based on customer reviews. Although the concept is unique, it’s still a social network a lot like Facebook or LinkedIn. The difference is that Virthium connects people via products and services, not content.

For example, you can upload a picture on Facebook, tag your friends, and people will “like” and comment on it. Similarly, on Virthium, you can list your product, tag your Employees, and your customers will write reviews on it.

In other words, on Facebook, you earn social reputation by posting great content, on Virthium you earn professional reputation by making great products and services.

We hope this explains it better, but you can always sign up and see for yourself. It’s free!

We charge a transaction fee to send Feedback Rebates to your customers if, of course, you chose to offer them.

Part of it goes to pay companies like PayPal and Stripe to send the money, and the rest goes to support the network.

It pays for everything, so we won’t have to sell you out to advertisers like everyone else does, or charge you a membership fee. You’re safe here with us.

We're here to support you all the way. If you have any questions, please...

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(602) 842-3080

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