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What is Virthium

Virthium is the first social network that links employees and their products with customers and their reviews. Our unique Feedback Rebates program generates trustworthy reviews for products and the people who create them.

How do we know if a product is good before we buy it?

A product is good if prior customers think it's good.

Most of us check reviews before buying an unfamiliar product, but very few of us leave reviews. Our Feedback Rebate is a new kind of an "On-Sale" discount that gives customers a legitimate reason to leave an honest review after every purchase.

How do we know if someone is good at what they do?

People are good at what they do if customers like their products.

Most of us still rely on resumes, references, titles, and degrees to demonstrate our professional value. Now, for the first time, you can link your professional profile to the actual products you helped create. The more people buy and review your products, the better you rank in your roles. It's like getting a movie credit but for a product or service.

What you can do as a member

Business owners can list their products, offer Feedback Rebates, get reviews, and “credit” employees.

Employees can share their roles and contributions on product pages and personal profiles.

Customers can find Feedback Rebate deals and genuine customer reviews.

Why join

Virthium is a free network operated solely for the benefit of our members. Unlike other social networks, we won't show you ads or sell your personal information. Our revenues come exclusively from transaction fees for processing rebates. You are safe here.

Every employee is someone's customer, and we believe they should be part of the same network. We all deserve to know who makes the things that make up our lives and how our own work affects others. Join us.

Join us

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