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Introduction Story: Let's use this hypothetical situation to explain how Virthium works.

Alex is a dentist, Jane is his assistant, and Lana is their patient. Alex decides to offer Feedback Rebates instead of discounts to attract new clients and get more reviews. He also wants to give Jane an opportunity to be recognized for her Role. Alex will create a Listing, add Jane to the team, and send a Feedback Rebate to Lana, their patient.


Listing is a product or service listed on Virthium.

Feedback Rebate is a rebate customers can redeem by leaving a review.

Role is a contribution of a person to the particular Listing.

How to create a Listing

In your Dashboard, under the "Listings" tab, click the "New Listing" button.

virthium dashboard listings tab

Fill out the primary information.

virthium listing primary info

Add any additional information.

virthium listing additional info

If you personally contribute to this Listing, add your Role and contribution. Share your story!

virthium listing owner role

You can accept default Feedback Rebate settings...

virthium listing owner role

or change them.

virthium listing owner role

Save and add a payment card. This card will only be used to send Feedback Rebates to your customers.

virthium listing add a card

Congratulations, your Listing is ready!

virthium listing page with a role

Wait a minute… Alex doesn't provide this service alone.

He relies on Jane, his trusty assistant, to prepare patients and assist him during dental procedures. He wants to ask Jane if she would like to join his team and share her own role and contribution to this Listing.

How to send Role invitation

On the Listing page, click the "Invite Team" button and send the invitation.

virthium invite team button

The contributor receives an email like the one here.

virthium role email invitation

The contributor clicks the "Accept Invitation" button and fills out the Role and Contribution form.

virthium role form

Jane is now a member of the team!

virthium listing with roles

Great! Our team is formed and our Listing is complete! Alex and Jane are ready to serve their patients and receive feedback. It’s time to send that Feedback Rebate we promised to Lana.

How to send a Feedback Rebate

On the Listing page, click the “Send Rebate” button and send the offer.

virthium send feedback rebate offer

The customer receives an email like the one here.

virthium feedback rebate email

The customer claims the rebate by clicking the "Review" button. The rebate shows up on the customer’s dashboard in the Pending Rebates section.

virthium dashboard with pending rebate

The customer clicks the “Review” button and leaves a review. The rebate is deposited automatically, either via a Refund or PayPal.

virthium review form

Here is our Listing page with the review.

virthium listing with review

Great job Alex and Jane! Looks like the beginning of a great reputation. Let’s now look at each of their profiles.

View Public Profiles

Alex's profile (professional tab)

virthium listing owner profile

Jane's profile (professional tab)

virthium contributor profile

Lana's profile (customer tab).

Yes, each member of our network earns both professional as well as customer reputation.

virthium customer profile

What about the Listing? Where can people find this and other products and services?

Then, search for products and services.

virthium listings search

Let's Review

Alex and Jane offered Lana a feedback rebate for their services. Alex created a listing, added his assistant Jane to the team, and sent the feedback rebate to Lana. At the end of the day, Lana got a discount and an assurance of a good service. Jane was recognized for her contributions as a dental assistant. And Alex promoted his practice in the best way possible - through the feedback of his own patient.

Do you have a great product or service, satisfied customers, and an awesome team? Create your own listing and tell us about it!

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