Tommy Watson

I would highly recommend this product if you get the flavoured e liquid.

about 2 months ago

One of my favourite flavours. This is a must to try!

5 months ago

I didn’t like this flavour. It didn’t taste like custard creams in my opinion and also don’t come with a flavoured nic salt

5 months ago

My favourite flavour by far! Tastes exactly like is says.

5 months ago

This is much when getting the e liquid. Being a slat it’s not a harsh hit and doesn’t compromise the taste.

6 months ago

This is perfect to match with the e liquid. Without compromising taste or the harsh hit

8 months ago

I brilliant product that’s doesn’t comprise the taste to use along side the E liquid

9 months ago

Perfect product. The nic salt has no harsh hit and the fact it’s unflavoured means it can go in any shortfill. Definitely recommend

10 months ago

One of my favourite flavours is the cola slush. I would always recommend this nic salt to anyone who gets it. To maximise the taste with no harsh hit on your throat

12 months ago

These coils are not bad, not the best for flavor but does the job. Get about 1 week of use depending on how much you vape.

about 1 year ago