Simon Gardner

Great juice, lovely flavour with just the right amount of ice. Love it.

about 1 month ago

Still my go to juice, beautiful fruity flavour with cool ice finish.

2 months ago

Great product and great service from the excellent Vape & Juice team

2 months ago

Proper coils, swiftly dispatched by V&J. Thank you for the great service.

4 months ago

Love this juice, delivered next day by V&J. Thanks for the great service.

4 months ago

Tried lots of different coils and not come across any better than these. Last well and great flavour speedily delivered by Vape &Juice.

6 months ago

Excellent coils with good life and amazing flavour swiftly delivered by V&J. The spot on service I’ve come to expect.

7 months ago

Love this juice, my all time favourite swiftly delivered by the fantastic guys at V&J

8 months ago

Great coils, last well. Excellent service from V&J as always.

8 months ago

My favourite juice on the market, speedily delivered by Vape & Juice. Thank you V&J

9 months ago