Sean Davis-Loades Sean Davis-Loades

Great consistency and flavour

21 days ago

An amazing example of s flavourful vape

about 2 months ago

A great strong flavour that hits the throat really nicely.

3 months ago

A good flavour, just like the sweets. Takes me back to my childhood.

4 months ago

A fantastic and strong flavour. A vape you will want to buy again and again.

5 months ago

Always a great hit every time.

6 months ago

My wife's favourite vape. She almost exclusively uses this flavour and brand

8 months ago

An aroma that causes those around you to complement your choice of vape.

9 months ago

Black ice is a fantastic menthol type flavour that has a refreshing hit.

10 months ago

Great flavour and consistency. Really hits the spot

11 months ago