Splendid service from this company that I have used before and will use again.

3 months ago

Great service like always and a prompt delivery.

3 months ago

Great service as always by these guy's, That why i keep coming back with new orders.

7 months ago

This was a replacement for the one i already had. I was very pleased with it as the power lasted for so long,, The only problem i found was if you drop it in the lake when fishing and retrieve it they never work very well again.

10 months ago

I received my usual excellent service from Vape and Juice like always.

12 months ago

Just as i ordered, and the delivery was excellent ( just 2 day's )

over 1 year ago

As usual i received an excellent delivery service, I am finding a problem though. Two out out of the last three delivery orders have been wrong, Been the right product ( Black cherry ) But the wrong make ( Pure Mist ) I was even given a direct link for Pure Mist that turned out to be wrong after placing a smaller order to try it out. I now have 27 bottles of what i didn't want that i am going to have to suffer until it is finished.

almost 2 years ago

As per usual vape and juice have given me excellent service like they always do, Ordered it one day and it arrived the next on a standard mail delivery.

almost 2 years ago

I you want to try and unbelievable service, Put an online order into Vape and Juice, I did this on a Tuesday afternoon at about 3pm, The following morning at 10am (Wednesday) my postman arrived and to my amazement arrived with my Juice. Wow, there quick off the mark at sending there orders out and will have me as a life time customer for sure.

almost 2 years ago

Vape and Juice were the first shop i used at Leigh-on-sea when i started vaping and i was very pleased with there service. Then i moved to Norfolk and have been using there on line service which has been excellent with deliveries arriving within 2 days .

about 2 years ago