gemma cordner

A good liquid, easy to get the top off to put it in

21 days ago

Tastes really nice, one of my favs

about 2 months ago

Love this liquid so much

3 months ago

Easy to get the top off, nice to vape

4 months ago

One of my favorites, such a nice flavour and vapes well

5 months ago

Amazing juice, I always put an order in for this.

6 months ago

Good battery but doesn't seem to last very long. Admittedly this might be due to me vaping more. They charge quickly though and when charged seem powerful

7 months ago

My favorite vape liquid, its a regular order for me now as I love it so much

7 months ago

One of the best vape liquids. So tasty and nice to vape.

11 months ago

Nice and sweet, tastes like cherry drops. Really nice

11 months ago