Andrew Freer

Always been one of favourite liquids, just a really good blackcurrant flavour. Nowt more to say just try it

about 1 month ago

Lovely smooth vape, blackcurrant with a menthol hit that just hits the spot

3 months ago

Lovely grape flavour, nice and smooth. It is that good the Mrs has nicked it

4 months ago

Just a great straightforward nic shot, does what it says on the bottle

4 months ago

Just a good straight forward nic shot, no whistles and bells. Does what is says on the bottle

6 months ago

All of the Kraken liquids i like but the Purple is one of my favourites, I just love the flavour and so smooth with just enough menthol.

9 months ago

As I have always found the Kraken e juice is great and The Red can now be added to my list

10 months ago

Nice and straightforward a high VG nic shot which is what I prefer

12 months ago

I have been trying blackcurrant liquids for a while and i must say this is the best one ever. You can taste the fruit all the way through with the hint of aniseed, which i love as well. With a smooth menthol hit which is wonderful. A wonderful vape and i will be after more

12 months ago