Alex Kazlou

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Customer Experience Engineer

I work on making sure members of Virthium network get the best user-experience offering and receiving Feedback Rebates. I personally monitor and respond to feedback and suggestions. Hope you enjoy your Feedback Rebate Experience!

updated about 4 years ago

Founder and CEO

I created Virthium as a place where we can share our experiences as customers with people who create these experiences for us - the employees, and vice versa. I believe customer feedback is more inspiring to employees than any management technique and more persuading to customers than any marketing message. I designed Virthium to capture customer feedback faster than any other platform or method in existence today. It is truly a revolutionary approach to online reputation, and I hope it will change the way we market our products and motivate our employees.

updated over 4 years ago

I bought this product from my own store to test how fast it is delivered and in what condition. The delivery took 4 days and the product looks good too. The only comment is that the color looks redder than what is shown in the picture. I will upload the second photo to show what it looks like out-of-the-box. Overall, very pleased with the supplier. Will add more of their products to this store in the future.

over 2 years ago

Great product. Wearing it to the gym all the time.

over 2 years ago

Bought it from my own store as a present. Got it in the mail 4 days later. Looks great! This is the second item I bought from this supplier and I'm very pleased so far with the delivery and the quality of their products. I will add more "Black Panther" items soon.

over 3 years ago

Thank you Masha for your help with my taxes this year. Don’t know what I would do without you. This was the first time I was filing taxes for my business and you made it so painless and simple. That took a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you!

over 4 years ago

This is my fourth year attending this event. It's been a great experience every time, but this year was exceptional. The food, the shows, and the performances were truly amazing! Coming back the next year for sure. Thanks!

over 4 years ago