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Menthol Flavour - Basics Range

Menthol is a favourite time and time again amongst vaping enthusiasts. If you enjoy the icy blast booming in your mouth upon exhaling then Vape and Juice Choice Menthol is the perfect flavour for you. You'll be vaping it day, night all the time!

Now available with free UK shipping from Vape and Juice. 


Nicotine strength calculator:

  • 1-5 cigarettes a day : 6mg
  • 6-10 cigarettes a day : 12mg
  • 11-15 cigarettes a day : 18mg


While this may vary depending on the type of cigarettes you smoke, you can always drop down a nicotine strength next time, so we advise going for a stronger liquid first time around, so you find that the ecig craves your nicotine demands and allows you to understand the replacement factor that vaping can truly offer.


Menthol Flavour Vape Juice

Price: £4
Owner: Glen Waters
Company: Vape & Juice

Great menthol flavour, great service and free delivery

3 days ago

Still the best menthol stuff fro me, with speedy posting and good price.

9 days ago

Great service and product!

9 days ago


12 days ago

Great flavour strong taste

14 days ago

Very good can't complain

14 days ago

This is still the best menthol juice for me on the market. Try the 5 pack version and you can get it even cheaper.Thanks guys!

22 days ago


24 days ago

Great smoke

25 days ago

Great taste, fast free delivery, great service

25 days ago