CBD IBZ - Straight to the Joint - French Vanilla 200mg - CBD oil

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CBD IBZ - French Vanilla 200mg 

Are you asking how to vape marijuana? Or looking for THC drops for an E- Cig? Well how about CBD IBZ instead.CBD IBZ eliquid hemp oil comes straight from the White Isle, Ibiza.

This CBD e-liquid comes in 10ml at 200mg and has a real emphasis on quality of flavouring.

Straight to the Joint, is a rich french vanilla flavour that complements the CBD liquid perfectly, while showing you why vanilla is the world's most popular flavouring.

Made with 0% THC from hemp crystal sourced in California, USA.

80% PG 20% VG

Flavourings from the UK. Contain no Diketones or Diacetyl.



CBD Isolate 200mg

Propylene Glycol 7ml 

Vegetable Glycerin 3ml

Artificial flavouring

Price: £16
Owner: Glen Waters
Company: Vape & Juice

Great flavours and helps to relax you

about 3 years ago

I am not offering this experience if mine as medical advice but this thing is so good for my anxiety. My pulse would go 140 beats per minute while resting, healthy rage is 60-100 so you can imagine how anxious I get at times. I had a chest X ray and ECG and my heart is normal and healthy. I was just really anxious. Well this brought my pulse down to 80 beats per minute. I feel chilled out but not remotely high or dreamy, I can think clearly. I also really enjoyed the vanilla flavouring, I don’t know what French about vanilla as it grows in the tropics but it’s a nice flavour to say the least. I think it’s great.

almost 4 years ago

Great product, super fast delivery!

almost 4 years ago

Smells incredible. Fabulous value for money too!

almost 4 years ago

This product has great flavour and combined with effects of CBD which I have found to help in pain relief and anxiety levels = 5 star all round!

over 4 years ago

I have found this product to be a great flavour and vapes very smoothly. The CBD content has help with pain and anxiety - contributes to a relaxed state. Customer service was very good as i had questions answered very quickly online and postage was efficient.

over 4 years ago

Bought this product as i was experimenting new e-juices with my vape; as a non-smoker i wanted something that wasnt as strong as nicotine or THC, this was absolutely perfect for me. Even by adding a few drops in my tank along with another e-juice the flavour dispersed so quickly into this satisfying vanilla smell and taste. Would definitely buy this product again!

over 4 years ago

It was delivered very quickly and the taste is great very sweet but not overpowering and actually smells quite nice. Would recommend

over 4 years ago

This is my favourite flavour I’ve tried so far. Not overpowering but nice flavour

almost 5 years ago

Beautiful taste! Comes well packaged.. overall great purchase!

almost 5 years ago