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Owner: Glen Waters
Company: Vape and Juice
Address: 35 Eastgate Shopping Centre Basildon GB SS14 1AE

Very good flavour. I wouldn’t buy anything else!

5 months ago

Excellent quality, great rewards and speedy delivery

5 months ago

Great product, great service and rewards

6 months ago

Great flavour as always! I wouldn’t buy anything else.

6 months ago

Great value, excellent rewards and good juice

7 months ago

Best flavour in my opinion and I tried a few!

7 months ago

Great vape , my wife loves this

8 months ago

Really enjoying this flavour best after trying a few over the years.

8 months ago

Consistently the best flavour on the market. I’ve switched to a lower nicotine dose and can confirm there is no difference in flavour or quality.

8 months ago

Fab flavour as always and first class delivery!

9 months ago