Unflavoured 18mg 10ml Nicotine Shot

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Unflavoured 18mg 10ml Nicotine Shot

One nicotine shot at 18mg is enough to make 120ml of DIY e liquid at 1.5mg, 60ml at 3mg, 30ml at 6mg and 20ml at 9mg.

Can I vape this flavourless eliquid?

Yes there are many who want no flavour and just the higher nicotine level. For those people, you can happily and safely vape this.

Can I use this to add to a big bottle of Zero nicotine eliquid?

Yes these are more often than not used for this purpose.

NB: This is the house Nicotine shot and may vary according to availability. 

If you are not sure how to add a nic shot to your eliquid and want a little guidance, why not check out our blog post here. How to add a nic shot, is our little guide on adding nicotine to zero mg eliquid or eliquid aromas to create a nicotine based eliquid and ejuice.


Unflavoured 18mg 10ml Nicotine Shot

Price: £2.50
Owner: Glen Waters
Company: Vape & Juice

Very easy to use shot for that nicotine habit.

2 days ago

Great delivery time, packaging was secure. The 2 juices I purchased where full of flavour will definitely be ordering again

2 days ago

This unflavoured nic shot blends well with all Vape flavours.

2 days ago

Good nic shots, work with any juice swiftly delivered by V&J

4 days ago

Easy to use shot to add a bit of nicotine to your favourite juice

10 days ago


22 days ago

Great easy to use nic shot to add to your juice.

26 days ago

Good enough, helps give a bit of a kick to any flavour.

about 1 month ago

Easy to add and use,very pleased with this nic shot.

about 1 month ago

These work really well with any juice on the market.

about 2 months ago